After the end of the world

You should run now
Do it so fast
No one could save you anymore
The dead are looking for you

Guns or knives
You have them all
Fear, anger, hope
Pumped into you
You kill or die
There is no choice
The life is over
Pray for yours

No place is safe
No meal is fresh
But you can do it
You can survive

Your arm has been bitten
Drink and cut it
Right now
Or you’ll be infected too
And we’ll have to say goodbye to you


Feel the world

Close your eyes to feel the world
Hear the wind and the untold
Be gentle with the touching
Understand what you’re watching
Trust the unseen a little longer
‘cause your mind is getting stronger

Smell and taste every bite
Better food when you’re blind
And some sounds are new to you
Not very loud and they’re a few
The values aren’t the same
Now you play the feelings game

Talking is louder for your ears
Never felt like this is years!
You can fall in love for soul
Set in mind your new goal
Walking is unsafe alone
If it isn’t in your home

Be blind often for yourself
To create a magic self
Who can understand the colors
In terms of forms and others

Taste the life!

I’m learning to feel before anything else
Running is not the best idea to succes
Take a deep breath before taking a step
Don’t analize too much, intuition can help
Bring your senses into your daily decisions
Intellect shouldn’t entirely block your visions

Leave your fears in the mind’s background
Live in the nature’s heart, on the ground
Open the eyes of inside deep knowledge
To experience the color of peace: orange
Drown your insensibility in pure tears
Connect with the music, open your ears

Let yourself be in unconciousness space
To discover the untold: your birthplace
Keep your attention in other dimensions
To receive new and unique perceptions
Taste the lucky with a blessed attitude
Enjoy life, your breath and just feel good


Death will come soon
I’m waiting the last breath
Of mine
To inspire others
To take their lives

I want to learn a new style
The dance of death
Spinning like wind
In a tornado
Of my soul suffering

Cheap blade sharp
From market taken
It’s the communion
Of death
And my skinny body

Nudity of feelings
Felt by my heart
A very long time
But now
Gonna love the cut

My arm is the new trend
Horizontal stripes
And vertical in the end
My body wants coldness

Nobody could get it
Subtlety of
The cry of help
When I was talking
About suicide tendencies

Watching my blood
Being free
Happiness of death
White in the corner
Sunshine in my room


„Please, baby, let me tell you
How much I love you
Our relationship is the best
And we should stay togheter
Baby, I won’t hurt you again
I’m so sorry for everything!
Alt er love, remember honey?
Por favor mi amor!”

Carla told me in that night
I tried not to cry in front of her
I smiled for the entire time
Faking an attitude with tears
hidden in the mind and soul
So baddly the love can hurts
Sometimes when to get ready
is not your best skill, it seems

I left her after the rain started
Drops of water combined with
drops of tears on the cheeks
Nails stabbing the hands
Legs constantly trembling
We are heartbreakers, both of us.

„Be happy, senorita!
But not with me
Not anymore,
my love…”


You can give me a sweet gift
I accept a bottle or your neck
To drink some poisoned blood
You don’t have to like me back

But you do.
Stupid human, escape now!
Falling in love cause you death
Flowers on your ground
Crossing arms on your chest
White skin, closed eyes
Poor human,
You wouldn’t wake up
Like I do every night

Mortals wish for sensations
I see them like temptations
I’m already a demon
Kill them all if I can


I can see your feelings in colors
Dreaming to paint souls of lovers
Need to warm your fluffy cheeks
To sweeten my thoughts for weeks

Spin my coldness till it’s sweaty
The soul gets hot like a spaghetti
Play with my sadness of bad mood
Making it laugh can never be rude

A drop of blood, a drop of sweat
We can form a hunger duet
Lust for flesh and thirsty thoughts
I can’t please your needed pots

Gone for weeks, my soul is starving
I’ll go to find it ‘cause i’m worring
The purity is gone and you accept
Matching us can cause a defect


Sun touches his golden hair
In a peaceful way, then he smiles
Stunning eyes, cherry lips
Tall like a mountine
Rough like a stone
His fist caress my face
Making my nose to bleed
It feels like heaven everytime
Even when I can’t move

He’s still there, with me
Protecting me from the world
He told me that. ‘cause of evil
Who’s down on the streets
And his home is safe
I’m free to go, I’ll never do it
Being tight up in his bed
So comfortable, so lovely

I always smile to him
After I cry in my hands
Don’t want to upset him
Trully belive in our love
In my unique thing that I have
Nothing is left for me
Only our relationship

Don’t cover my bruises
Purple fits me well
A new fashion style
The mirror appreciates myself
The body is pretty thin
A childish one
‘cause food is unhealthy
He told me that too
For survival, just some fruits
In the evening he feeds me
So kind of him!

I throw my phone away
Its sickness damaged me
I don’t need to talk
With family or other people
He’s taking care of me
I don’t need anybody else
Just him. Only him.
Him forever.


I got hope when I met you
You saved me from my hell
And brought me to yours
Easy to fall, easy to die
I’m by your side
Even when you hurt me.

Beat me again!
If that’s your desire, I love it
Drink my blood
Or paint with it
Slap on my face
Make me cry again!

You say I’m yours
I’m melting when I’m „your girl”
Heaven for me
Hell for the others

We have a connection
I scream, you laugh
I bleed, you beat
I’m hungry for you
You give me a little
But it’s everything I can wish for

. .

Confused teenager

Boring lesson in this class
Shoud I stay or shoud I pass?
Nevermind, I’m getting sick
My crush texts another chick
How can he? I’ll start to cry
After school I’ll get so high!

Eating lunch, hiding a beer
Flirt with boys of senior year
Laughing at almost everything
Just before I hear the bell ring

That girl wears the same shirt
She looks like an introvert
Maybe I should get her drunk
To recover all her spunk

At some popular girl’s party
I’ll be dressed like barbie
To attract all the attention
For my dance in slow motion

I kiss a boy, or two, or three
Who cares? I’m not counting
Summertime is coming soon
After the exams in June

I heard a gossip about me
It’s not true, how can it be?
They have to listen to me
And not believe everybody!

Tears are falling from my eyes
What a miserable surprise!
My own friends are convinced
From their group I’m dismissed

Highschool sucks, I hate it
All my thoughts say to quit
But I need to face this stress
This is the way to succes