Confused teenager

Boring lesson in this class
Shoud I stay or shoud I pass?
Nevermind, I’m getting sick
My crush texts another chick
How can he? I’ll start to cry
After school I’ll get so high!

Eating lunch, hiding a beer
Flirt with boys of senior year
Laughing at almost everything
Just before I hear the bell ring

That girl wears the same shirt
She looks like an introvert
Maybe I should get her drunk
To recover all her spunk

At some popular girl’s party
I’ll be dressed like barbie
To attract all the attention
For my dance in slow motion

I kiss a boy, or two, or three
Who cares? I’m not counting
Summertime is coming soon
After the exams in June

I heard a gossip about me
It’s not true, how can it be?
They have to listen to me
And not believe everybody!

Tears are falling from my eyes
What a miserable surprise!
My own friends are convinced
From their group I’m dismissed

Highschool sucks, I hate it
All my thoughts say to quit
But I need to face this stress
This is the way to succes

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