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Be a lover, not a foe

From the same bloodline we are Fire through my poisoned rings Liquor for my fame and tears A mistake will bring the awakening Stain of dark between my eyes Shadow feelings for my lovers You should stay and play a game Pay attention to the brownies Give them food, but never money Insult them and…


This night we should pray This night we should love We should rise like the sun We should dance like the waves Just get wild and be free! A blessed Yule we will have Dancing and chanting loud Everything is aligned Let the nature do it’s rite! Evergreen in the house Burning fire through the…


An old dream wiped off dust Diffused light in the background From tabac sign, I’m feeling safe Found my home on a foreign land Flowers on the coffee table Smoking a cigar, drinking a beer Admiring the paintings, the walls I’m cozy in his colorful shirt Good music for my heart The power of red…

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