Sun touches his golden hair
In a peaceful way, then he smiles
Stunning eyes, cherry lips
Tall like a mountine
Rough like a stone
His fist caress my face
Making my nose to bleed
It feels like heaven everytime
Even when I can’t move

He’s still there, with me
Protecting me from the world
He told me that. ‘cause of evil
Who’s down on the streets
And his home is safe
I’m free to go, I’ll never do it
Being tight up in his bed
So comfortable, so lovely

I always smile to him
After I cry in my hands
Don’t want to upset him
Trully belive in our love
In my unique thing that I have
Nothing is left for me
Only our relationship

Don’t cover my bruises
Purple fits me well
A new fashion style
The mirror appreciates myself
The body is pretty thin
A childish one
‘cause food is unhealthy
He told me that too
For survival, just some fruits
In the evening he feeds me
So kind of him!

I throw my phone away
Its sickness damaged me
I don’t need to talk
With family or other people
He’s taking care of me
I don’t need anybody else
Just him. Only him.
Him forever.

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