Upstairs is my predator
Hidden in a dark closet
Ready with a knife in his left hand
He doesn’t have many teeth
but a lot of scars on his face
Bushy eyebrows frowning
He’s taller than me, fattier
The smell from his mouth
can kill the flies around him
Oily hands because of his
unwashed, messy hair
Dressed with a torn T-shirt
Black under his nails
He wears no shorts
Dirty, old, shameless man

He used crack for five years
He cooked the white powder
Was an addict with a home
He discovered heroin
Firstly smoked it
But he enjoyed it too much
So he wanted that warm
to be faster in his body
Pull on the nose isn’t nice
He got bored so quickly and
tried the syringe
Now, he is still an addict
The difference: homeless

He seems so desperate
Needs money for his friend
His only friend.
Stalks people on the street
Watches their homes and habits
Likes the families with one child
It’s easy to take money from him
But he can’t be recognized
and kills the child with a knife

He is in my neighborhood today
and in yours tomorrow
Be prepared after my funeral
Because I know my fate
And I’ll try to take a picture of him
Sending to you online
With the price of my life
He entered my room through window
A couple minutes ago
I know everything about him
And he knows everything about me
Maybe about you too
Goodbye, take care!


What is this?

A new perspective of love
The perfect uncreated
Egg with no crack
Much obliged to you
A god with crown of thorns
Our story painted on flowers
Their rebirth gives me hope
And fear for a new fading
In fact, I lied to you
I’m scared of your happiness
Forgetting us is painful
Twin flame for a lifetime
Together for a few moments
Sweet poison in my heart
No past, no future
Only this living time for
Two foolish intellectuas
In music kingdom
Artsy human beings
Pretty smile above my head
The clothes are moles
Which play on the skin
Peace in the eyes
Blood on the lips
Darkness- my special friend
Don’t ignore Bill
I feel demons in my mind
The moon is admirable
And lovely, waw
Pleasant conversations in the night
My black cigars
Sky with green smoke
Black turned into blue
My nostalgia turned into you
Ocean view before drowning
Violins in the background
Piano helps my fire
You help my desire
Red nails on the screen
A letter to my thyme
My oh my
Heroin gold in my veins
Low and warm
Sleepy and cold
I refuse to eat my cherries
I deny the reality
Swim in purple river
Finding my soul
I’m going to ask about you
Blood of witch and gypsy
That’s me
Blood of angel with white wings
That’s you
Drop of tears
That’s love
Hello to a new goodbye!


Falling in the black hole
The infinity with a law
If you survive the trigger
You met the bloody river
The shock is more powerful
Than the hit; you feel null

Recovering from the storm
Your nerves’ll never reborn
Paralyzed in a sad chair
Or dead ( with no air).

Choices aren’t many, you say
Depression occurs in your way
Negativity in the corner of your
Mouth… Or brain, or even more

Trust no doctor nowadays
Fill your beliefs with haze
Throw the stone so deep
In coffin you’ll fall asleep


Nature lover
Climbing the trees,
Smoking some weed,
Flying without falling ‘cause
I got my clover with me and
I let the dollars outside the peace.

Dazed and confused
With two pieces of cucumber
On my green makeup eyes
I’m fresh like the baby frog in bog
Eating avocado paste over my salad
Of small apples and sweet kiwi.

Hippie lifestyle
High like the mountain
With grass under my feet
Abounding in green peas flowers
Refreshing my mind, lying down.

Free like a crocodile
With love in my heart
Breezy’s love for everything
Led by the green chakra inside me
Smiling to every beautiful detail of life.


Rain with gold
Umbrella is forgotten
The taxi is waiting outside
Driving hours till is sunny
And sunflowers are happy.

Bees with black stripes
Hidden in hive, tasting honey
Sweet enough to make pancakes
With pieces of banana too
Lucky yellow plate on the table.

After eating, shower time
Full of water, need to swim
With my bath duck floating around
Young skin with little wrinkles
Perfect time for sleep under the sky.

During the day
Sunshine still blessing
Myself and the wonderful world
Solar plexus chakra is charging with
All this rebirthing energy of youth.


Fresh autumn into the woods
Multicolor leaves painting a carpet
Red, yellow, especially orange
From the tall trees to ground
Flying away, dancing with rythm.

Announcing the Halloween
Lighting from window, the fire
Of frightening pumpkin eyes
Glowing a special color into
The houses, the neighbourhood.

Silent in my home
I drink a glass of heaven
Made from round, juicy oranges
Admiring the event from inside and
Activating my lovely sacral chakra.

Emotions shaking me
Connect the body, mind and soul
Vitality and strenght, new feelings
Warm me like the heat of sun does
I’m aware of my sexuality and charm.


In the battlefield
Swords taking heads
Bullets pierce human flesh
The wine is spilled from glasses
Feel the blood inside me and
Smell the one left on the ground.

In war, but now in love
We ask for blood and hearts
Craziness is accepted for a while
Blaming other people for your mistakes
That’s how a supposed love ends and
Smiles turn into bitting your full lips.

Powerful red lipstick
Sometimes is makeup, but
Sometimes is the natural color of
Cherries, strawberries, pomegranate
Aphrodite’s little secrets for seduction.

Divine energies inside
The root chakra manage the needs
Survival skills and a safety lifestyle
The base of living and the key for
A healthy person and positive thoughts.


Look for the dusty shed
Forgotten in your head
Abounding in creativity
And increase it healthily

White flowers like snow
Inspire with their glow
Growing in the garden
Faded without carbon

Larks warbling happily
Feeling warm from tree
And blessing from sky
Helping folly to die

Pieces of art are falling
Divine landscape making
Grass smells so fresh
Green means no cash

Colorful species on earth
Dance together for rebirth
Rain got stuck in the ground
Helping babies to come around


Scared by the shame
Lost in the game
Tears from red eyes
Anger from lies

No possibility of change
And a wish for revenge
Trusting no one else
They ring the bells

Left arm for easy hide
Tie a string very tight
Clench the fist before
opening the drugstore

Pure gold in the veins
Destroying the chains
Tasting the freedom
My friend is a demon

Warming up my body
More than opium poppy
More than morphine
This time feels „all in”

Look down at lighter
Seeing the life brighter
The spoon got dirty
The mind talks jerky

Heaven closed my eyes
So I can fly to sunrise
Stay there forever
Going back never

Dreams end after trip
The pain travels deep
In my bones and muscles
Now advise me for troubles

„Goodbye, everybody!
I’m an addict,
A druggie.
RIP my past life,
my hopes and fears,
my old friends.
Now I have no one,
but heroin.”


I’m so scared, hidding from my demons
They have your angel face and black soul
You surprised me at the beginning
Like the devil would have done
Chose me from the public large

Making a girl falling in love
That’s your best sin, it’s really mean
To play with someone else’s feelings
Can’t you go to hell right now?

The heart is destroyed, broken in
A thousand pieces of honey with
Hundreds of poisonous needles in
Just to be sure of a never recover