After the end of the world

You should run now
Do it so fast
No one could save you anymore
The dead are looking for you

Guns or knives
You have them all
Fear, anger, hope
Pumped into you
You kill or die
There is no choice
The life is over
Pray for yours

No place is safe
No meal is fresh
But you can do it
You can survive

Your arm has been bitten
Drink and cut it
Right now
Or you’ll be infected too
And we’ll have to say goodbye to you

2 thoughts on “After the end of the world

  1. I like your style. Economic. Nothing that doesn’t need to be said. God flow. The poem moves along at a leading pace. I feel like I’m leaning into it all the time to catch the next image. It keeps the reader interested, on his toes and the ending is a hammer blow. Good job.


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