To be

I was opening slowly my eyes
In the morning I found out
The secret you kept from me
Which blocked my vision to reality.
A shadow of lies filled my mind
Darkness of truth, created by you
You trapped me on the way out
But I defeated every evil soldier

Come on, let’s see
You thought it’s a necessity
To hide from me
Every part of „to be”

Now i found out how to live
Rest in peace, my past of freeze!
Freedom is my new religion
Hope is an old superstition
‘Cause your ideas had a collision
With what I recently discovered
The truth!

Reality is my happinnes
Flowers, trees, they all confess
The truth about touching the youth
In every second from the start
To the end of shinning heart

I am, I am, I am
That’s the hidden shade of man
Every human alive
Should taste the life
As it is, not as it has to be
‘Cause we are free

Come on, let’s see
You thought it’s a necessity
To hide from me
Every part of „to be”


Two minds

Can you feel the presure?
Ideeas are being usher
Get fixed in my subconscious
Letting me to be unconscious
Of them, just feel the energy
Of my unknown memory

An entity wants to control
My body and not my soul
It’s enough a little play
To confuse my chosen way
Can’t resist to something
Who pretends is nothing

Not a name, not a form
For me is a brainstorm
Catching feelings for nobody
A completly failure is guarantee
Discover it in a little dance
Very wild, not a romance

Think he is never gonna leave.
Gotta learn to live in peace
With two minds in my head
Say no stop, I’m out of red
Painting my path with attitude
I have an end, ‘cause it’s a mood


I’m chasing another world
Escaping from the cage
Cutting the windows
Just a bit to fit myself
Hope nobody’s looking
‘Cause they can’t see the slit
They’ll see a foolish human

Running to some green
Opening widely my arms
Ready to embrace knowledge
Of life, universe and everything
The strong brown trunck
With a branchy green crown
It’s the forty-two itself

Lying under my tall tree
Connecting our souls together
Seeing the song of birds
Hearing the flying vibrations
Breaking walls of ignorance
Being a free bird, not a snail

Smelling the utopic world
Quiet green, loudly silence
Heartbeats creat a song
Lighting the feelings
Deep in the darkness
The earth swallows my body

Suddenly, I’m waking up
To a new old reality
Felt my dream so true
I’m preparing to run again

A fool

Can’t decide about anything
Can’t fly with just one wing
Two steps in one direction
Won’t achieve the perfection
Which was set on my mind
To reality I’m completly blind

Talking about my fancy dreams
Without knowing what it means
To really have a fixed plan
Sounds like a type of superman

I’m a irretrievable fool
Swimming in a pool
Of lies, hopes and words.
Can’t play well my cards

Good enough

Good enough? Let me tell you
About your perfect imperfections
To describe your beauty
Of body, soul, mind and
The one you gave to my heart

The classic, normal beauty
Can be imagined as
A little grass thread
Yours- a boundless field

The commoners represent
A drop of water,
A page, a leaf, a single word
But you, my love
You are the ocean,
The library, the forest,
The whole dictionary

Your beauty is limitless
Can’t be good enough
You’re a little higher than
The best.


What are you on the menu?
Drink, food or something else?
I’m the dessert, not the main course
So sweet and tasty, very delicious

But how do people feel me?
I’m richness of taste buds
The icing on the cake
Really satisfing. Every bite

Sure, I’m not enough
If you’re really hungry
You will give me aside
I’ll become bitter to taste

Cause your body wants me
Just as a little pleasure
I’m not your real weakness
I’m just the last page on menu

Try me

Say something rude, try me
There’s a book written by me
With every cuss you could say
Now I got you? It’s my play

Punch me in the face, try me
See the scar my bird left me?
Near asphalt is the consciousness
That you’ll lose after my dominance

Steal from my pocket, try me
The bank was invented by me
I’m the boss, called loan shark
Don’t ever walk alone in the dark!

Just try me, in every way you desire
Flames are burning from my fire!