Rain with gold
Umbrella is forgotten
The taxi is waiting outside
Driving hours till is sunny
And sunflowers are happy.

Bees with black stripes
Hidden in hive, tasting honey
Sweet enough to make pancakes
With pieces of banana too
Lucky yellow plate on the table.

After eating, shower time
Full of water, need to swim
With my bath duck floating around
Young skin with little wrinkles
Perfect time for sleep under the sky.

During the day
Sunshine still blessing
Myself and the wonderful world
Solar plexus chakra is charging with
All this rebirthing energy of youth.


8 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. I felt mixed feelings about this poem. It’s pungent and potent, so definitely technically executed, but I actually interpreted it as both positive AND negative (or at least, the voice).


    1. I think the most complex ideas come into simple forms. If people can’t see the hidden message, at least they read something pleasant. Thank you for the interpretetion! I think you would prefer my older poems.


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