Blamed for being different than you
Looked at them with no clue
Talking behind, asking for murder
You are the killer with mental disorder

Pointing them for being witches
On your mouth, you need stitches
Because of your unthinking words
They chose to guess for you, lords

Cups, wands, swords or pentacles
They can make some spectacles
About your past, presence or future
Careful, be patient and neutre

Magic spells about money, job and love
You’re the client, wanting all of the above
Shout up about their ugly appearance
You’re worse, please keep the distance!

Beauty or ugly

I can see the ugly parts, I’m not blind
Walking on the street, resisting the wind
Of rude and non-sens words and looks
Poor humans, non-readers of books
Amused by local jokes and rumors
They’re calling each other „losers”

I can’t change them, nothing can
Just themselves, some began
Others sit and wait for tomorrow
Having in eyes a kind of sorrow
Losing the battle, they can’t focus
On what’s worthy to gain bonus

I bring the beauty when it’s sold out
Enjoying music by singing so loud
I’m happy in nature, into the woods
Not interested of material goods
Running naked, having no doubt
Found my seed and I just sprout!


Started with a little funny joke
Said by a weird, unknown bloke
But somehow I took it seriously
And checked google curiously

I wasn’t fat, neither a supermodel
My favorite habit was to dawdle
Put some weight in time, not much
Ate a lot of unhealthy food at lunch

My anorexia began ‘cause of pics
With modern skinny, fake chicks
And diets based on water and air
Looked at my body, it wasn’t fair

Best solution at that time: starvation
Till my energy remained without ration
My mind got sick ‘cause of frustration
Needed salvation to give me medication

Can’t live with an eating disorder
Have to put my life in order
Don’t need problems with my teeth
Health of mind, body or breathe


Amazing how everything can change
So easy, expressing a little derange
Your mind has a beautiful image
Showed by facial mimics and grimace

Anger, bitterness, love, lust, hope
In the same place, my face cope
Heart beating in rhythm of smile
Pang in my ribs, seen from profile

Hurt my feelings, tears in my eyes
Good smells catched, my nose flies
Piss me off, got frowning brow
Happy mood, my face looks wow!

Second date

Called me after two days
Put me in a little haze
You enjoyed my presence
But can’t see the essence

Second date, you’re coming with flowers
To impress me with other powers
Hidden in your magic man’s mind
Thinks that I’ll fall like a blind

Thanking you, blushing in my cheeks
Trying to kiss you standing on peaks
Acting like a child near you, so foolish
But you seem to love it, aren’t selfish

You hold my hand, buy me chips
Laughing in public, biting your lips
Go to the movie, treat me with respect
Falling for you: maybe, now checked

Hate myself for being that stupid
Looking at you, get stung by cupid
Wanting to spend my time with you
My feelings are becoming so true

Birth giver

Protection is ensured only for a while
Adventure embraces us wearing a smile
It prepares traps, pits, ditches, quicksand
Expressed by whims, but nothing grand

Started with harmony, both in a body
Kicked me out, seemed a little gaudy
Later I thanked so loud for that action
I received life with a special attraction

My birth giver teached me survival skills
But always had to add some new fills
Getting ready to face the worst scenario
Advised and guided by the best impresario

We’ve built together a strong connection
With tears and hugs as sign of affection
We overcome failures, beating the stress
Everything we have is a perfect bless


From the head to the toes
That’s how a lesson goes
Learning anatomy at school
Never looked or felt so cool

Steal a drop of cold stone water
Let it drain and make it hotter
Help the process with your skin
Now your lesson can begin

Try to move it with your cheek
Getting better when you speak
Swallow in the sec
When it gets on neck

Breathing deep to slip faster
Feel the actions like a master
Full your navel, have to drink
Belly gets bigger, in a blink

Stand in one leg to understand
Tilt your body, raise your hand
Drop can now reach the toes
Throw it up to catch the nose

Here again, the circle is explained
Had fun on your A+ study gained
More than anatomy you learned
New life experience you earned