What are you on the menu?
Drink, food or something else?
I’m the dessert, not the main course
So sweet and tasty, very delicious

But how do people feel me?
I’m richness of taste buds
The icing on the cake
Really satisfing. Every bite

Sure, I’m not enough
If you’re really hungry
You will give me aside
I’ll become bitter to taste

Cause your body wants me
Just as a little pleasure
I’m not your real weakness
I’m just the last page on menu


Try me

Say something rude, try me
There’s a book written by me
With every cuss you could say
Now I got you? It’s my play

Punch me in the face, try me
See the scar my bird left me?
Near asphalt is the consciousness
That you’ll lose after my dominance

Steal from my pocket, try me
The bank was invented by me
I’m the boss, called loan shark
Don’t ever walk alone in the dark!

Just try me, in every way you desire
Flames are burning from my fire!

My hero

Wings under my T-shirt
Black as my lovely soul
I live in a colorful world
My escape is far away

Moonlight in every detail
Blanket of darkness
Undress by the wind
Fire in my water

You are my bad hero
Everyone hates you
Because I love you
My very black hero

Discover my wings
I’m your butterfly
You- my forever home

Red and green

I asked him about red and green
Why I should stop at red
and pass on green?
But he answered me profound

Red is the basic color of black
Maturity and wisdom represents
the darkest shade of black
But the absolutely black means
the innocence itself

No human can be total pure
We were born to be imperfect,
sinners and black&white
We live in illusions
of good and bad

But green? What’s green?
The green lights we see
are the fake part of world
Trees and flowers are real
Smell the grass and be alive!

He teached me how to fly
In a world of 2-legs only


Long, sharp, white nails like scissors
Dressed like a real elegant gentleman
Big smile on his face with shark teeth
Very tall and slim, walking in black shoes

He’s my protector, my savior, my hero
He’s the best listener and advisor
Darkness is our special, lovely friend
Obstacles and fears- just a good joke
People aren’t frightening anymore

Bill is my soul friend, another self
He represents the death itself
Can’t be scared of who I am
Life is short, but death is forever

Nature love

Sun’s blessing, moon’s blessing
The light of sky is progressing,
Embracing pieces of earth,
Helping nature to rebirth

Fresh air all over the atmosphere
Respired with a tremendous cheer
Mountains give the clearest water
For health is the natural daughter

Forest is watching the dance of
Wild animals that spread love
The sky inspires dreams for artists
Who are experimenting catharsis

My Valentine tree

People are passing by me
I’m standing near a tree
He’s my sweet valentine
He and a bottle of wine

Yggdrasil is his name
I don’t have shame
If he’s the only one left
For him I got dressed
In a mini, shiny skirt
Keeping my heart not hurt

Love between me and this green
I’m feeling like a real queen
Of nature and sadness
Our love is a total madness