Nature lover
Climbing the trees,
Smoking some weed,
Flying without falling ‘cause
I got my clover with me and
I let the dollars outside the peace.

Dazed and confused
With two pieces of cucumber
On my green makeup eyes
I’m fresh like the baby frog in bog
Eating avocado paste over my salad
Of small apples and sweet kiwi.

Hippie lifestyle
High like the mountain
With grass under my feet
Abounding in green peas flowers
Refreshing my mind, lying down.

Free like a crocodile
With love in my heart
Breezy’s love for everything
Led by the green chakra inside me
Smiling to every beautiful detail of life.


15 thoughts on “Green

      1. Great! I’ll get right to it. I’ve wanted to critique people’s poetry for so long and haven’t really had a legitimate way to. You’ll be my guinea pig *evil manic laughter*.


    1. I love how you analyze everything! Thank you so much!! I invite you to read other poems of mine and leave a comm where you think so. xo


  1. Nice to see you flying. From Wonderland to imagery to reflection. I could feel the movement through all of the stanzas of this peaceful piece of work. Thank you for sharing a brief but meaningful gurney through you creativity!


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