Scared by the shame
Lost in the game
Tears from red eyes
Anger from lies

No possibility of change
And a wish for revenge
Trusting no one else
They ring the bells

Left arm for easy hide
Tie a string very tight
Clench the fist before
opening the drugstore

Pure gold in the veins
Destroying the chains
Tasting the freedom
My friend is a demon

Warming up my body
More than opium poppy
More than morphine
This time feels „all in”

Look down at lighter
Seeing the life brighter
The spoon got dirty
The mind talks jerky

Heaven closed my eyes
So I can fly to sunrise
Stay there forever
Going back never

Dreams end after trip
The pain travels deep
In my bones and muscles
Now advise me for troubles

„Goodbye, everybody!
I’m an addict,
A druggie.
RIP my past life,
my hopes and fears,
my old friends.
Now I have no one,
but heroin.”


5 thoughts on “Heroin

  1. You either feel or have felt a lot of pain, or you just know how to communicate from understanding. In any event, you are quite an artist. I feel you are working through some type of pain right now, or you are just very good at painting pictures of what you observe. I am 62 and am in remission from cancer. 5 years ago they gave me three months to live with no chance of survival. I used to write songs and play guitar, but the medicine to treat my cancer paralyzed my hand so that is gone. The woman I love dearly, left me, and then said she never loved me. I am mentally impaired (slightly) from brain surgery so pardon me if I don’t always imbue intelligence. So I have felt and feel pain. And if I dwell, then that is where I need to be. Or maybe tomorrow I will write a poem about a beautiful sun set, a beautiful tree, or a cute little puppy. Because that is the beauty of writing. We can take it anywhere we want.


    1. My lovely, it doesn’t matter what you have and how you look in this dimension. A beautiful soul express itself at another level, so be aware of what you feel and keep in touch with art, because art saves souls. Thank you so much for writing me!!


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