I was aware of my sadness

It felt like a Nordic land

Where only Gods could help you

But you had to sacrifice yourself

Violins were crying in my ear

Snow felt like home for my feet

Pain helped me to smile again

Mirrors watched me in the night

Writing with my nose on walls

Ate like a slave with no rights

Walked in a rainbow shadows

Playing the role like it was my life

Paintings of Dali were my reality

I split my unique personality

More than twice times a day

To creat a new angle to look away

I cooked my guts for a reading

I put a spell on my dreams

I chose a deck for a beggining

I felt my future with its intuition

Staring at an empty bottle of wine

Smelling the full ashtray on my desk

I’m embracing my bad vices with mercy

Hope is forgotten, I bleed with my eye


6 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. Thank you for folow me even i do not write in english like you.Yor poems are greate!Whish you all my best wishess and good lunk!🤗🌺🤗🦋


    1. Îți mulțumesc de asemenea! Apreciez din suflet poeziile în română, deci îmi face mare plăcere să te urmăresc!


      1. Mulţumesc din tot sufletul şi eşti oriacând binevenită în Oaza mea pentru fluturi să citeşti să comentezi că e bine, că e rau!💜💜💜🦋


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