Kind of you for opening the door
The sound of shoes walking the floor
Eyes looking, guess you want more
We have to talk, eat and drink before

Try to impress, bring the champagne
Laughing a little, my sympathy- gain
Words with two meanings, play with my brain
Surprising feelings, I can’t complain

After we leave, you ask the question
Driving me home, increasing the tension
I’m thinking that we have a connection
Stop at my house, you have my attention

You’re smiling, coming closely
You’re shaking, breathing slowly
Giving me a little kiss, so lovely
Letting me escape from being lonely


13 gânduri despre „Connection

  1. eu sunt
    Nu fantomele care te bântuie
    Eu sunt
    Nu este zâmbetul să te înșeli
    eu sunt
    Perna moale
    eu sunt
    Locul sigur
    eu sunt

    I am
    Not the ghosts that haunt you
    I am
    Not the smile to taunt you
    I am
    The soft pillow
    I am
    The safe place
    I am

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