Be a lover, not a foe

From the same bloodline we are
Fire through my poisoned rings
Liquor for my fame and tears
A mistake will bring the awakening
Stain of dark between my eyes
Shadow feelings for my lovers
You should stay and play a game

Pay attention to the brownies
Give them food, but never money
Insult them and you’ll drink fears
Vivid dreams and sleep paralysis.
Be a lover, not a foe, lovely human!
Embrace the spirit of the Goddess
She’s our mother and family is all

Dance with us, the unbroken circle
Fly in the sparkle of the night
They tickle you, just feel the presence
Blessed in the middle of the forest
Lost in the corner of the street
Royal is the water, the purity itself
Check out the shrooms, pull over there


This night we should pray
This night we should love
We should rise like the sun
We should dance like the waves
Just get wild and be free!

A blessed Yule we will have
Dancing and chanting loud
Everything is aligned
Let the nature do it’s rite!

Evergreen in the house
Burning fire through the night
And we celebrate
For the new sun and the new life
Let the nature do it’s rite!