Nature lover
Climbing the trees,
Smoking some weed,
Flying without falling ‘cause
I got my clover with me and
I let the dollars outside the peace.

Dazed and confused
With two pieces of cucumber
On my green makeup eyes
I’m fresh like the baby frog in bog
Eating avocado paste over my salad
Of small apples and sweet kiwi.

Hippie lifestyle
High like the mountain
With grass under my feet
Abounding in green peas flowers
Refreshing my mind, lying down.

Free like a crocodile
With love in my heart
Breezy’s love for everything
Led by the green chakra inside me
Smiling to every beautiful detail of life.



I’m chasing another world
Escaping from the cage
Cutting the windows
Just a bit to fit myself
Hope nobody’s looking
‘Cause they can’t see the slit
They’ll see a foolish human

Running to some green
Opening widely my arms
Ready to embrace knowledge
Of life, universe and everything
The strong brown trunck
With a branchy green crown
It’s the forty-two itself

Lying under my tall tree
Connecting our souls together
Seeing the song of birds
Hearing the flying vibrations
Breaking walls of ignorance
Being a free bird, not a snail

Smelling the utopic world
Quiet green, loudly silence
Heartbeats creat a song
Lighting the feelings
Deep in the darkness
The earth swallows my body

Suddenly, I’m waking up
To a new old reality
Felt my dream so true
I’m preparing to run again

Nature love

Sun’s blessing, moon’s blessing
The light of sky is progressing,
Embracing pieces of earth,
Helping nature to rebirth

Fresh air all over the atmosphere
Respired with a tremendous cheer
Mountains give the clearest water
For health is the natural daughter

Forest is watching the dance of
Wild animals that spread love
The sky inspires dreams for artists
Who are experimenting catharsis

Mary Jane

More popular than any other plant
Cannabis sativa indica can grant
A special pleasure very relaxing
When it’s active, you’re laughing

People want it to be legalized
In every country will be wise
Get so high, have to fly
The mouth becomes so dry

Feel the heaven in your blood
In slow motion you’re going to god
Joint, spliff, bifta, blunt, doobie
These sheets are like a ruby

You need to learn and use the slang
If you really want to join the gang
Mary Jane, weed, pot, grass, dope
Keep it in the lungs when you smoke

Roller, junkie, smoker, doper, stoner
Rules: enjoy and don’t be a loner
Your friends want to have fun
Party together and if you see the cops run!

Beauty or ugly

I can see the ugly parts, I’m not blind
Walking on the street, resisting the wind
Of rude and non-sens words and looks
Poor humans, non-readers of books
Amused by local jokes and rumors
They’re calling each other „losers”

I can’t change them, nothing can
Just themselves, some began
Others sit and wait for tomorrow
Having in eyes a kind of sorrow
Losing the battle, they can’t focus
On what’s worthy to gain bonus

I bring the beauty when it’s sold out
Enjoying music by singing so loud
I’m happy in nature, into the woods
Not interested of material goods
Running naked, having no doubt
Found my seed and I just sprout!


Little nose sniffing the scent of life
Being free in the woods, isn’t a rife
Practice for humans, more like a strife
Between comfort and the top of a knife

That’s how it feels for poor creatures
Without senses or special features
Blocking themself, boring teachers
Of tiresome class, they’re well keepers

They keep it with a such severity
A norm can’t be seen with clarity
By flower power they call vulgarity
But they aren’t talking with sincerity

Walking barefoot on the ground
Birds are making all the sound
It’s the freedom that I found
Enjoy with me and come around!


Birds are flying over the poor river
The rain is coming, clouds are silver
A moment of silent and it’s falling
Water is all over the sky, drowning

Dancing fish, growing flowers
Happy nature, lots of colors
Insects hiding behind the rocks
Watching for the liquid blocks

Sounds like drums, showing
The drops in struggling
Being free, called by the earth
Giving the flowers a rebirth

After a passionate storm
I can reflect my own
As a blue mirror role
Describing a soul.