This night we should pray
This night we should love
We should rise like the sun
We should dance like the waves
Just get wild and be free!

A blessed Yule we will have
Dancing and chanting loud
Everything is aligned
Let the nature do it’s rite!

Evergreen in the house
Burning fire through the night
And we celebrate
For the new sun and the new life
Let the nature do it’s rite!


Sixty four, my sweet outdoor
Perfection without a direction
Infinity from multiplying divinity
Nameless, but shameless
Strong enough and never wrong
Smooth like a pray for ruth

Connection by natural selection
Love brought by a white dove
A cure for wellness and no lure
Universe answer, unfair curse
Deep circle in a powerful purple
Inspire from the sky, I need a fire
Artsy world for a mental disorder

Desire for a dream with blank theme
Have a chance or do a dance
Soul awakening and moon coloring
Rainbow above all makes them glow
Insecurity in the obscurity
Heartbreaking moments with the poets

Be aware of who you are
On the edge we meet ourselves
Nobody deserves ignorance
Cities are burning from infirmity
In warm hands we should trust
Unity keeps us healthier and stronger

Sirens and violins before funeral
Ivy tattoo and a rocker in the tree
Xanax pills to awake in the dream
Teen spirit and the hippie style
Yawn before a long damaged trip

Films and popcorn in cinema
Only kids allowed to watch it
Useless brains without creativity
Rusty people inside the box

Anne discovered the biggest secret

Lots of rules and no mercy
Imitating equality and respect
That’s how we lie to each other
Thanks to ignorance and fright
Limits keep us in an open box
Encourging us to never look up

Grey sky and dark eyes
Images of truth fly away
Ring finger with a diamond
Lonely time spent in the couple
Suicidal dreams before sweet sleep

Pumpkin taste on my thoughts
Orange vibe in my emotions
Effy is still quite and depressed
Timeless moments of suffering
River’s music into the woods
You are the water of my life

Season of horror stories, friday the 13th
Money and a coin in my deck
Whistle in the night for my demons
Special death and Bill is smiling
Groupie love under the moonlight

Born to be the other woman
Sensuality and deeper connection
Men’s attention on the blonde girl
Bloody attitude and whisper after heaven
Cherry infinity on my lipstick
Moans in the hotel rooms, on the beach
Goddess in the pool forever

I’m 64, I’m the one.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A photo of Tina Aumont.


Blamed for being different than you
Looked at them with no clue
Talking behind, asking for murder
You are the killer with mental disorder

Pointing them for being witches
On your mouth, you need stitches
Because of your unthinking words
They chose to guess for you, lords

Cups, wands, swords or pentacles
They can make some spectacles
About your past, presence or future
Careful, be patient and neutre

Magic spells about money, job and love
You’re the client, wanting all of the above
Shout up about their ugly appearance
You’re worse, please keep the distance!