My hero

Wings under my T-shirt
Black as my lovely soul
I live in a colorful world
My escape is far away

Moonlight in every detail
Blanket of darkness
Undress by the wind
Fire in my water

You are my bad hero
Everyone hates you
Because I love you
My very black hero

Discover my wings
I’m your butterfly
You- my forever home


Nature love

Sun’s blessing, moon’s blessing
The light of sky is progressing,
Embracing pieces of earth,
Helping nature to rebirth

Fresh air all over the atmosphere
Respired with a tremendous cheer
Mountains give the clearest water
For health is the natural daughter

Forest is watching the dance of
Wild animals that spread love
The sky inspires dreams for artists
Who are experimenting catharsis


Took in a familiar place
The picture of your face
Special beauty you have
For my heart is perfect

Your lips are glued to mine
Together we look so fine
My face is in the photo too
Love in my eyes is so true

But you left me after that
Blocked me on chat
Broke my heart again
I’m waiting for the train

Going home after I failed
A message not so detailed
Having a tear in my eye
No…I’m not going to die


People judge us ‘cause we are a couple
They can’t understand what we feel for each other
Blame him for being protective with me
What is bothering them so much?

I love him more than they can imagine
But I’m criticised for my feelings
Sometimes it hurts a lot, being rejected by society
I’m so lucky and I start to don’t care about them
Because he cheer me up when I get sad

I’m the light of his life, fire of his loins
I’m his sin, his soul
I would die without him
We’re going to see the world together
And find a place to stay forever

Second date

Called me after two days
Put me in a little haze
You enjoyed my presence
But can’t see the essence

Second date, you’re coming with flowers
To impress me with other powers
Hidden in your magic man’s mind
Thinks that I’ll fall like a blind

Thanking you, blushing in my cheeks
Trying to kiss you standing on peaks
Acting like a child near you, so foolish
But you seem to love it, aren’t selfish

You hold my hand, buy me chips
Laughing in public, biting your lips
Go to the movie, treat me with respect
Falling for you: maybe, now checked

Hate myself for being that stupid
Looking at you, get stung by cupid
Wanting to spend my time with you
My feelings are becoming so true

Birth giver

Protection is ensured only for a while
Adventure embraces us wearing a smile
It prepares traps, pits, ditches, quicksand
Expressed by whims, but nothing grand

Started with harmony, both in a body
Kicked me out, seemed a little gaudy
Later I thanked so loud for that action
I received life with a special attraction

My birth giver teached me survival skills
But always had to add some new fills
Getting ready to face the worst scenario
Advised and guided by the best impresario

We’ve built together a strong connection
With tears and hugs as sign of affection
We overcome failures, beating the stress
Everything we have is a perfect bless


Kind of you for opening the door
The sound of shoes walking the floor
Eyes looking, guess you want more
We have to talk, eat and drink before

Try to impress, bring the champagne
Laughing a little, my sympathy- gain
Words with two meanings, play with my brain
Surprising feelings, I can’t complain

After we leave, you ask the question
Driving me home, increasing the tension
I’m thinking that we have a connection
Stop at my house, you have my attention

You’re smiling, coming closely
You’re shaking, breathing slowly
Giving me a little kiss, so lovely
Letting me escape from being lonely