What is this?

A new perspective of love
The perfect uncreated
Egg with no crack
Much obliged to you
A god with crown of thorns
Our story painted on flowers
Their rebirth gives me hope
And fear for a new fading
In fact, I lied to you
I’m scared of your happiness
Forgetting us is painful
Twin flame for a lifetime
Together for a few moments
Sweet poison in my heart
No past, no future
Only this living time for
Two foolish intellectuas
In music kingdom
Artsy human beings
Pretty smile above my head
The clothes are moles
Which play on the skin
Peace in the eyes
Blood on the lips
Darkness- my special friend
Don’t ignore Bill
I feel demons in my mind
The moon is admirable
And lovely, waw
Pleasant conversations in the night
My black cigars
Sky with green smoke
Black turned into blue
My nostalgia turned into you
Ocean view before drowning
Violins in the background
Piano helps my fire
You help my desire
Red nails on the screen
A letter to my thyme
My oh my
Heroin gold in my veins
Low and warm
Sleepy and cold
I refuse to eat my cherries
I deny the reality
Swim in purple river
Finding my soul
I’m going to ask about you
Blood of witch and gypsy
That’s me
Blood of angel with white wings
That’s you
Drop of tears
That’s love
Hello to a new goodbye!



Nature lover
Climbing the trees,
Smoking some weed,
Flying without falling ‘cause
I got my clover with me and
I let the dollars outside the peace.

Dazed and confused
With two pieces of cucumber
On my green makeup eyes
I’m fresh like the baby frog in bog
Eating avocado paste over my salad
Of small apples and sweet kiwi.

Hippie lifestyle
High like the mountain
With grass under my feet
Abounding in green peas flowers
Refreshing my mind, lying down.

Free like a crocodile
With love in my heart
Breezy’s love for everything
Led by the green chakra inside me
Smiling to every beautiful detail of life.


I’m so scared, hidding from my demons
They have your angel face and black soul
You surprised me at the beginning
Like the devil would have done
Chose me from the public large

Making a girl falling in love
That’s your best sin, it’s really mean
To play with someone else’s feelings
Can’t you go to hell right now?

The heart is destroyed, broken in
A thousand pieces of honey with
Hundreds of poisonous needles in
Just to be sure of a never recover


„Please, baby, let me tell you
How much I love you
Our relationship is the best
And we should stay togheter
Baby, I won’t hurt you again
I’m so sorry for everything!
Alt er love, remember honey?
Por favor mi amor!”

Carla told me in that night
I tried not to cry in front of her
I smiled for the entire time
Faking an attitude with tears
hidden in the mind and soul
So baddly the love can hurts
Sometimes when to get ready
is not your best skill, it seems

I left her after the rain started
Drops of water combined with
drops of tears on the cheeks
Nails stabbing the hands
Legs constantly trembling
We are heartbreakers, both of us.

„Be happy, senorita!
But not with me
Not anymore,
my love…”


Sun touches his golden hair
In a peaceful way, then he smiles
Stunning eyes, cherry lips
Tall like a mountine
Rough like a stone
His fist caress my face
Making my nose to bleed
It feels like heaven everytime
Even when I can’t move

He’s still there, with me
Protecting me from the world
He told me that. ‘cause of evil
Who’s down on the streets
And his home is safe
I’m free to go, I’ll never do it
Being tight up in his bed
So comfortable, so lovely

I always smile to him
After I cry in my hands
Don’t want to upset him
Trully belive in our love
In my unique thing that I have
Nothing is left for me
Only our relationship

Don’t cover my bruises
Purple fits me well
A new fashion style
The mirror appreciates myself
The body is pretty thin
A childish one
‘cause food is unhealthy
He told me that too
For survival, just some fruits
In the evening he feeds me
So kind of him!

I throw my phone away
Its sickness damaged me
I don’t need to talk
With family or other people
He’s taking care of me
I don’t need anybody else
Just him. Only him.
Him forever.

Breezy’s love

My name’s Breezy

I love so easily

The shape of hand,

The freedom land,

The piece of cake,

The feelings lake,

The heat of fire,

And your desire.

I can’t hate

It’s not my fate

Exploring more:

The dance floor,

The drop of water,

The alma mater,

The lovely face

Or an embrace,

The moon and stars,

And black cigars.

Alt er love

Means truelove

And I feel for:

The candy store,

The light of colors,

The heart of lovers,

The rising sun

After a night of fun,

The blush of cheeks

And red big lips.

And for you, my human

I love you once

I love you twice

I love you more

than beans and rice

Your smile is perfect-

Happiness architect,

Fly with me

Over the sea!

My hero

Wings under my T-shirt
Black as my lovely soul
I live in a colorful world
My escape is far away

Moonlight in every detail
Blanket of darkness
Undress by the wind
Fire in my water

You are my bad hero
Everyone hates you
Because I love you
My very black hero

Discover my wings
I’m your butterfly
You- my forever home