To be young

Beautiful skin with no wrinkles
Eyes shaded only by makeup
Indecisiveness before taking action
Energy from sun felt in the bones
Happiness by getting drunk
Party hard by the sea in the midnight
Dancing and smoking and laughing

Dreams for future and no ideas
Making plans with your best friends
Depression is the evolution stage
Highschool or college in the morning
Underpaid jobs in the summertime
Sleeping in the car with an open window

Making love in random places
No protection and no one cares
Inspired by movies with rough moves
Playing songs in the background
Pleasure in the muscles, in the veins
No shame in laying down all naked

Swimming in the pool, the summer
Running into the woods, the autumn
Drinking hot tea and coffee, the winter
Pictures with flowers in the hair, the spring

The power of teen years is priceless
Hippie style in another century
Rain could be so romantic
A smile represents our spirit
Feel everything and learn anything

Confused teenager

Boring lesson in this class
Shoud I stay or shoud I pass?
Nevermind, I’m getting sick
My crush texts another chick
How can he? I’ll start to cry
After school I’ll get so high!

Eating lunch, hiding a beer
Flirt with boys of senior year
Laughing at almost everything
Just before I hear the bell ring

That girl wears the same shirt
She looks like an introvert
Maybe I should get her drunk
To recover all her spunk

At some popular girl’s party
I’ll be dressed like barbie
To attract all the attention
For my dance in slow motion

I kiss a boy, or two, or three
Who cares? I’m not counting
Summertime is coming soon
After the exams in June

I heard a gossip about me
It’s not true, how can it be?
They have to listen to me
And not believe everybody!

Tears are falling from my eyes
What a miserable surprise!
My own friends are convinced
From their group I’m dismissed

Highschool sucks, I hate it
All my thoughts say to quit
But I need to face this stress
This is the way to succes