Long, sharp, white nails like scissors
Dressed like a real elegant gentleman
Big smile on his face with shark teeth
Very tall and slim, walking in black shoes

He’s my protector, my savior, my hero
He’s the best listener and advisor
Darkness is our special, lovely friend
Obstacles and fears- just a good joke
People aren’t frightening anymore

Bill is my soul friend, another self
He represents the death itself
Can’t be scared of who I am
Life is short, but death is forever

Nature love

Sun’s blessing, moon’s blessing
The light of sky is progressing,
Embracing pieces of earth,
Helping nature to rebirth

Fresh air all over the atmosphere
Respired with a tremendous cheer
Mountains give the clearest water
For health is the natural daughter

Forest is watching the dance of
Wild animals that spread love
The sky inspires dreams for artists
Who are experimenting catharsis

My Valentine tree

People are passing by me
I’m standing near a tree
He’s my sweet valentine
He and a bottle of wine

Yggdrasil is his name
I don’t have shame
If he’s the only one left
For him I got dressed
In a mini, shiny skirt
Keeping my heart not hurt

Love between me and this green
I’m feeling like a real queen
Of nature and sadness
Our love is a total madness


Talking by whispering so loud
Sometimes sounds like a paradox
But when I scream, you cry
That’s why I’m quiet most of the time

Light in my mouth breath
Come closely, your ears can shine
My words mean nothing but
They say a lot about who I am

Can’t swear when you listen
Making me angry won’t help
It’s written in my veins
The words that can hurt
I’m like a clock bomb, 321

Complimenting you it’s gold
And rises your egocentric soul
I spit flowers with no taste
Seem you love it anyway


Took in a familiar place
The picture of your face
Special beauty you have
For my heart is perfect

Your lips are glued to mine
Together we look so fine
My face is in the photo too
Love in my eyes is so true

But you left me after that
Blocked me on chat
Broke my heart again
I’m waiting for the train

Going home after I failed
A message not so detailed
Having a tear in my eye
No…I’m not going to die


People judge us ‘cause we are a couple
They can’t understand what we feel for each other
Blame him for being protective with me
What is bothering them so much?

I love him more than they can imagine
But I’m criticised for my feelings
Sometimes it hurts a lot, being rejected by society
I’m so lucky and I start to don’t care about them
Because he cheer me up when I get sad

I’m the light of his life, fire of his loins
I’m his sin, his soul
I would die without him
We’re going to see the world together
And find a place to stay forever

Mary Jane

More popular than any other plant
Cannabis sativa indica can grant
A special pleasure very relaxing
When it’s active, you’re laughing

People want it to be legalized
In every country will be wise
Get so high, have to fly
The mouth becomes so dry

Feel the heaven in your blood
In slow motion you’re going to god
Joint, spliff, bifta, blunt, doobie
These sheets are like a ruby

You need to learn and use the slang
If you really want to join the gang
Mary Jane, weed, pot, grass, dope
Keep it in the lungs when you smoke

Roller, junkie, smoker, doper, stoner
Rules: enjoy and don’t be a loner
Your friends want to have fun
Party together and if you see the cops run!